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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Romney Ain't Got Nothin on Allen

Looks like Romney is gearing up for the '08 run by choosing not to run for reelection next year...bring it on.


Blogger Old Zach said...

The GOP is not about to nominate a Mormon for President. Romney may play well in New Hampshire, but South Carolina will kill his chances.

9:06 PM

Blogger J.Sarge said...

Not allowing people to comment on the "Sen. Allen's Approval Rating Shooting Skyward" post was weak...

I was just going to note that 7 of the top 9 net approval ratings went to Democrats, with the other two being the Moderate Sisters from Maine.

Also, 7 of the bottom 9 net approval ratings went to the GOP...

10:28 PM

Blogger Old Zach said...

I never turned off comments on that post, I wondered why no one had commented on it!

12:10 PM


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