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Friday, December 09, 2005

This is why we fought to reelect Bush

Great article in Washington's premier newspaper today about John Bolton's line in the sand approach towards his job as our man at the "United" Nations. The article is about the fact that our GOP congress is going to back him up, but I think it is a greater credit to our president. It makes me feel glad I spent all that time making phone calls and organizing volunteers in 2004. There's no doubt that without Bush in office we would not have Bolton, or a Bolton-esque figure, in the job. Go get 'em, Johnny.


Blogger theolddominion said...

I'm so glad you are happy about John Bolton at the united nations. With men like him we can give legitimacy to this corrupt organization and really fool people into believing that he is doing something to the benefit of the American people rather than wasting our treasure on an organization founded by communists with the intent on destroying our sovereignty. Line in the sand? Are you kidding. There is no line in the sand, and funding for the united nations will never wither while we have a globalist like Bush firmly installed in the executive branch.

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