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Monday, December 12, 2005

Being There

Having gotten the all-clear from my bodyguard, I can now return to regular posting. I know that the time has essentially passed for such observations, but I have one final anectdote from the Advance involving a topic of much dicussion here at SST, the presumed '08 Senate Primary.
Perhaps it is merely a function of being a Congressman, but Bob Goodlatte's names have been amongst those thrown out to be in possible contention should John Warner retire. Personally, I think that while Goodlatte is a great legislator and could probably win, he just doesn't bring alot to the table in a race that could be critical should the Dems find a top notch candidate. Plus, he'd make a great chair of Judiciary, that being the rumour for the next round of committee shake-ups.

However, I think that Saturday night's Davis-Davis-Goodlatte suite put the nail in the speculation coffin in two ways. Not only did he dare to co-sponsor a suite with one Rep who certainly isn't running and one who just about already is, but there was an amusing scene around 10 o'clock. As the Congressman stood essentially in the middle of the room, everyone had their backs turned to him. Not purposely of course, but he was the center of the universe without any attention being paid to him. Perhaps this is the role best fitting the Representative: a pivotal legislative player who just doesn't need to do much politicking anymore.


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