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Monday, December 12, 2005

Give us Ramsey! Or better yet, Schaub!

Though it pains my heart, I'm calling out Coach Joe Gibbs. I never thought this day would come, though to be fair I never thought Coach Gibbs would (1) abandon a player who showed our team such loyalty and (2) tolerate a quarterback who plays this poorly.
In case the title of this post doesn't make it clear, I'm calling for a return of Patrick Ramsey. You remember Ramsey, right? He was the Redskins quarterback during the last year of Spurrier's fun-and-gun-and-lose. If you still don't remember, just picture that guy who was always lying on his back. I thought that might jog your memory. Patrick Ramsey was the guy who stuck it out that whole season, despite getting sacked nearly as many times as David Carr. He actually got injured from being sacked so many times, and still he suited up for each game. And to reward this loyalty, the Redskins picked up. . . Mark Brunell.
Now, I know Mark Brunell was a good Jaguars QB back in the late 90's, when his legs still worked. But now-adays, Mark Brunell plays well approximately 1 game in 4, and has more success completing the ball to the other team than the burgundy-and-gold. Not that Patrick Ramsey will ever be a Pro Bowl quarterback. Neither was Doug Williams, or Mark Rypien, and yet the Redskins won with those guys. And I'm man enough to admit that if the Redskins had replaced Ramsey with a big name draft pick, a younger QB they were grooming to be the franchise quarterback, I wouldn't be writing this. But they didn't. The Redskins rewarded Ramsey's loyalty with a man nearly old enough to be my father.

This brings me to the second half of the title. The Redskins need a franchise quarterback, a younger player who can lead this program for years to come. Hopefully, though I chastised him above, those years will be with Coach Gibbs at the helm, and a big time running back in the backfield. What the Redskins need is a strong-armed, mature pocket passer who can control the ball, which is what a Gibbs offense needs, more Big Ben than Michael Vick. Fortunately, the Commonwealth's flagship University has produced just such a passer in Matt Schaub. He's tall, mature for his years, and a local boy with a ready-made fan base. He's riding the pine behind Vick in Atlanta, and likely will be for years to come. Let's pick him up before he gets a chance to play and drives his market value through the roof. Now, if we can just figure out how to get the next incarnation of John Riggins...


Blogger CR UVa said...

Sure, and while the Skins are at it, they can see if they can get Deion Sanders and Steve Spurrier back as well.

No way should they start Ramsey. As much as this team needs to be looking for a starter for the future, Ramsey has shown that he is not it. At 6-5 and being very much in the playoff hunt, Mark Brunell is doing more with this team than Ramsey has ever done (and more than I believe Ramsey is capable of, at least with this team).

Now, your idea of Matt Schaub makes perfect sense. I have said the same thing before. There is one concern though; the Falcons have no intention of getting rid of him. They know what they have, and letting him go to another team would mean letting that team get an edge. I could see Schaub in the burgundy and gold one day, but it probably will not be in the next couple seasons.

10:30 AM

Blogger Madisonian said...

"Doing more with this team"? By my count, Mark Brunell has had 2 good games this season. When the Redskins win, they do so despite Mark Brunell, not because of him. On Sunday they had 1 good drive. The Houston Texans had a better offense.
I'm not claiming Ramsey is any better. But if we are going to have a liability at QB, the 'Skins might as well show some loyalty.

10:35 AM

Blogger CR UVa said...

In spite of Brunell? Up until the game versus Arizona (a very ugly one during the first half), Brunell had only given up 5 INTs; in 4 seasons, Ramsey has thrown 29(!), and this in only 33 games played. Like you have said, Ramsey gets sacked a lot, while Brunell still has enough in his legs to get away. And what is the Redskins record the last three seasons (not including this one)? A combined 18-30, much of which gave starting time to Ramsey. This season, the Redskins are 7-6 (how did I make the mistake of saying 6-5 earlier?), with a number of sports commentators believing the Redskins can win out for the season. Brunell even led the Redskins to consecutive road wins, something that had not happened in the time that Patrick Ramsey has been with the team.

Brunell might not be able to help much for the Redskins as you want, but at least he is not hurting the team, something Patrick Ramsey had been doing on a regular basis. If you really insist on going with one of the backups, lets go with Jason Campbell; by now, it is obvious that Ramsey was another one of Dan Snyder's bad choices.

11:26 AM

Blogger Shaun Kenney said...

Jason Williams was our first round draft pick last year.

In short, we have the QB position all tied up. Gibbs likes going with older, more experienced QBs anyway.

Leave it to the fair-weather fans to come out and call for heads. We ran Schottenheimer out on that rail, did it to Norv Turner, Stephen Davis, Alexander, Coles... where's the loyalty to the Burgundy and Gold, folks?!?!

Cut Ramsay and bring in T.O. How's that for a fix?

2:01 PM

Anonymous Chris said...

Draft Ramsey in 01, Sign Burnell in 04, and draft Campbell in 05, then trade for Shaub? Wht the 'Skins need to do is trade Portis for draft picks and throw some of The Danny's money at Shaun Alexander. There you go.

8:09 PM


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