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Monday, December 12, 2005

Here's to your health

Much better coverage has been given to the topic, but I am completely fascinated by the newly proposed Medicaid legislation coming out of the House Republican Caucus. I've already been hearing reports of legislators returning to their offices to find voicemails filled to the brim with messages regarding changes (although many seem to reference "the Congressman" and the House legislation, as to be expected from misguided astroturf). I think this may become one of the big issues of the session, particularly since the House beat the Governor to the punch on a plan.

I'm particularly intrigued by the medical savings account plan, something I've been interested since I heard President Bush bring it up on the stump in 2004. I think if we're going to have a societal safety net, there's nothing wrong (and perhaps we even have an obligation) to provide those who are more disadvantaged with the same benefits of the open market as others. However, I am confused that the plan seems to reference "a" private-run plan, not "one of several." Is this implying a state-condoned monopoly running aside the Medicaid program? I'm also quite interested in these health courts. What do you all think? Will this simply create more bueracracy or will it actually save money in the long-run by reforming torts in a substantial way? This could be one of those rare ideas where larger government could pay-off, like a full-time legislature (although that has its downsides as well).


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