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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Tim Kaine: Casanova

Tim Kaine: He's a Lover, not a Fighter
This great quote is from an article in today's WaPo regarding Kaine's "growth" plan. Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but how does restricting development closer in, whether in Richmond, NoVa or Va Beach, not lead to even more suburban spread in the outer counties? Take, for instance, DC. If the jobs are downtown, or in Arlington, that's where the jobs are, regardless of where the people working them are. The result is that people commute in from as far away as West Virginia (~2 hours each way). Wouldn't it be better to build more houses, townhouses and even high rise apartments to allow people to live in closer? Also, wouldn't a higher density allow for better mass transit options? What am I missing here?


Blogger James Atticus Bowden said...

Maddie: Newport News is developing two spots as new urban areas with businesses and people in the same place. I thought that was the whole idea, too, for increasing urbanization, with better quality of life, and decreasing sprawl and a hellish existence commuting.

3:14 PM


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