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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bush Approval Ratings Continue to Drop

Perhaps it wasn't Ken Hutcheson's fault, or Jerry Kilgore's fault even...perhaps Bush's favorability was bad enough to suppress Republican turnout to the point of defeat for Virginia statewide's a thought. Check out these awful poll numbers. 34% favorability rating for Bush now.


Blogger The Gray Fox said...

These poll numbers are awful. But as bad as it seems, the Democrats' numbers are worse. It seems like Americans are just frustrated with politicians in general. This might not spell defeat next year...or it may, who can tell a year in advance?

10:19 AM

Anonymous Tugboat Phil said...

Let's see. News services print and broadcast every day that the President is failing in every area. They then run polls of people (who probably get their news from them) to see what their opinion of the President is. The results are bad, so they print and broadcast that as "news."

Quite a racket, if you can get it.

9:08 PM

Blogger criticallythinking said...

Rasmussen has had him at a constant 43% for the past 4 days, down slightly from a 45% the 4 days prior, and about where the 1-month average has been.

I don't see any reason at this time to trust any other pollster.

I'll be more scared when I see a poll that shows people disapproving of Bush who also have an accurate polled assessment of the reality of life around us now.

When 67% of the people say the economy is poor, that is a sign that the media is doing a LOUSY job of reporting the facts.

9:55 PM


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