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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Norm's Analysis of Barone's Thoughts

I gotta link to this post even though it's a day old...Barone's analysis of Kilgore's campaign is hardhitting but largely accurate, and I am sympathetic to Norm's feelings on the whole campaign.

Barone states what we already should have known: "Supporting tax increases does not produce political death. If voters feel—as voters in traffic-clogged Northern Virginia and perhaps the other suburbs do—that higher taxes will produce goods that you want—fewer traffic jams—they will support you." On top of this, Kilgore took no real stance on taxes, but just tried to scare the populace. The fact is...Virginians aren't taxed too badly. Other things are more important. Why else would Mark Warner have a 74% approval rating with his primary accomplishment being the largest tax increase in Virginia history.


Anonymous Tugboat Phil said...

Warner went on a statewide tour touting the importance of the tax increase because of the size of the debt left by the Gilmore administration. The tax increase passed (thank you Republicans of the Legislature) and lo and behold, the budget was in better shape than we thought. Shucks, folks, no sense giving your monay back. And guess what, no statewide tour explaining that the tax increase wasn't needed.

Will Warner be able to parlay his popularity into a Presidential bid? Can you say John Edwards??

2:29 PM

Blogger GOPHokie said...

Obviously he is a possible VP candidate. Hilary has the top locked up already.
It will be interesting to see if Warner moves away from his "moderate" mantra to try to get the dem nod though.

5:07 PM


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