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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Stop Telling Us Why This Election Will Matter in 2006

The media is frenzied with attempts to interpret the meaning of the two gubernatorial race losses on Tuesday night, and most of them are trying to couch it in terms of a loss of faith in the Bush White House and the majority party...which is exactly what they were hoping to get to write about.

Here, at long last, is one sane Washington Post article highlighting the fact that probably the biggest factor in the gubernatorial race in Virginia was the quality of the candidates themselves and the races that they ran for the governor's mansion.

The other Washington Post article of the morning continues to explain how Tuesday means that Republicans will lose big a year from now, which if it does happen, will have nothing to do with what happened on Tuesday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought you said Kilgore was clearly the better candidate?? Now Kaine was?? A bit of revisionist history seems to be going on.

7:02 AM

Blogger Lighthorse Harry said...

I said he was the better man for the job and would have made a better governor. I'm talking about his talents in getting himself elected when I use the term "candidate."

9:35 AM


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