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Monday, November 14, 2005

Ad Nauseam

Alright, everybody, I am sick and tired of the nauseating number of posts concerning the 2009 statewide ticket. My friends, it is simply too early. We haven't even finished counting the ballots on the AG race...we don't even know whether McDonnell is going to win or lose, which will be a major factor on who we nominate in 2009. On that note, maybe we should be discussing what we need to do to get Bob McDonnell elected...perhaps we need protests, posts about the shrinking lead, complaints to the state electoral board...I don't know, but this election isn't even over!!!

And I'm not going to link to any of the ridiculous number of posts on any number of Virginia blogs that has already begun to speculate about the Republican nominees for the 2009 statewide tickets. I understand some of the fascination with 2009, and perhaps the fact we lost the gubernatorial race is the major contributing factor to our fixation with it, but this needs to stop. We have three more elections before 2009 that we need to focus on. Albeit, the Congressional elections aren't always the most exciting, but we will have some competitive elections for House seats before 2009 I guarantee you. In addition, we have the state Senate races in '07, and this thing called a presidential election in 2008 which may involve our home town boy George Allen, which will kinda be occupying our minds.

So let's forget about least for a few years please. I know people are already going to be campaigning for it, because the desire for political recognition and power never fades, but let's be realistic. We have a lot more important things to be discussing such as our legislative agenda for the 2006 legislative session, and how we are going to govern effectively with a Democratic governor and how we are going to put up a strong resistance to his conivances. We certainly did not do a very good job against Mark Warner.


Blogger Old Zach said...

Who peed in your cheerios? Lighthorse Harry in '09 baby!

3:12 PM

Anonymous The Jaded JD said...

There isn't anything to do about the AG race. It's over. There is a winner, and there is a loser. We simply don't know who is which yet. Not only is it pointless to start marching in the streets, doing so would merely heighten the partisan flavor of what should be--and by all accounts has been--a staid, boring, and legal process.

3:44 PM

Blogger GOPHokie said...

Lighthorse, the reason we are talking about '09 is b/c that campaign starts now. People considering running are going to start laying the groundwork for their run very, very soon. I agree we have alot to talk about in the future, but for the next couple of weeks we can use what we know from this gov election to look at the next.
By the way, as to the prediction the other day; I don't think its gonna be a 4 point game, regardless of who wins.

5:31 PM

Anonymous marty nohe said...

Would Jerry Kilgore have been a better candidate in the general election if George Fitch had been taken more seriously?

Would Jerry Kilgore have been a better candidate in the general election if Micheal Powell had run in the primary?

It is impossible to know for sure, but there seems to be some concensus that voters felt that Kilgore failed to clearly define himself on some important issues. Primaries force candidates to do just that. In my humble opinion, we Republicans would be ill served to make the mistake of "coronating" our nominee so early, as we did four years ago.

Let's get George Allen re-elected and then figure out who our state senators are and THEN start picking a Governor candidate.

5:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

whoa there righteous hammer of God you...

6:00 PM


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