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Saturday, November 19, 2005


Yeah, I just got back from the UVA game. Don't have much to say about it...pretty much the worst UVA game I've ever been to, and I've been going to games since about 1992. It was over when we fumbled the punt and they scored to make it 17-0. Thank you Al Groh for getting the boys so mentally retarded....i mean prepared...

Alright, the funny thing is that Old Zach is doing his Army Reserve training right now and has no idea what the score is...hmmm, I think can use this against him somehow.


Blogger Bwana said...

Yes, but Bridgewater beat Washington and Jefferson to advance in the D3 playoffs, so all is not dark and lost!

9:16 PM

Blogger Steve said...

Ah, you weren't at Scott Stadium for Clemson 55, Virginia 0?

It adds some perspective.

11:09 PM


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