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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A New Contributor at SST

We are pleased to welcome a new contributor to our merry little band of bloggers here at SST. Goodwin, as you might have noticed, is our newest member, and an old friend of Lighthorse Harry, and well known to Old Zach and Addison as well. Goodwin is well-connected and established within the Republican Party of Virginia as a result of many years of grassroots politicking, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

I think you will find his writing witty and insightful, not to mention right on point. His viewpoint will provide a new diversity on SST. Although he is as good a conservative as the rest of us, his views will diverge from ours on some occasion, not to suggest that the three original bloggers here have always agreed on issues by any means. Quite the opposite, we have often had civil but very vociferous disagreements with each other over who to support, and the course and direction of our party. So please note our newest member's posts (his first one is below). I think you will find them a delightful addition.


Anonymous Sheila said...

A belated welcome from Spotsylvania County!

6:54 PM


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