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Monday, November 07, 2005

SurveyUSA Recants and Says Kilgore Much Closer!!!

Everything is breaking Kilgore's way tonight. Chad Dotson just broke this story!

Here is the SurveyUSA apology and explanation. Polling today showed the race tied, and the polling from the last three days puts the race at clearly closer than even 5 points.

Let's get it on!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Game on. Get out the VOTE!!! We can win this. Don't let bogus polls fool you. I've seen too many biased polls now to even give them a second thought.

12:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, such a swing is not that unusual for a tracking poll. A couple of things may swing things back to dead heat by today. First, the Bush visit (I think Kilgore started to tank with reports -- fair or not -- that he had snubbed Bush a week ago Friday in Norfolk.) Second, there was at least one family-friendly warm and positive Kilgore ad running heavily over the weekend, reminding people that maybe there is a human being behind the negative monster created by both his ad gurus and the media reaction.

8:40 AM


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