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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Norma McCorvey's Petition for Cert Denied Yesterday

Norma McCorvey's petition for cert for an overturning of the case which she made possible so many years ago was denied yesterday by the Supreme Court without opinion. This was not surprising whatsoever, given the fact that the court's composition would have to change signficantly before Roe v. Wade would be overturned. The media did not cover the story at all. I could not find any stories about it. If you have one, please link it.

What is disappointing is that many pro-lifers got very excited about this and were praying and agitating and raising awareness about this cert petition when there was little or no chance of the Supreme Court taking this case. I think it's dangerous to get the base of the pro-life movement excited and mobilized about hopeless causes. It's damaging to the ability of the movement to persevere. The fact is we have to gain two more pro-life seats on the Supreme Court, somehow. Until we can do that, no change will occur. So let's not create false hopes and then dash those hopes on the rocks.


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