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Monday, March 13, 2006

Wrongful Birth?

This article in the New York Times makes me kinda sick. A woman is suing her obstretician for medical malpractice because he failed to diagnose the Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome that her daughter had. She says that she would have aborted the child if she had fully known the condition that the fetus had. This is part of a growing "wrongful BIRTH" medical malpractice field in which women who want to abort children with Down Syndrome or other deformities sue their doctor for not making them aware of the deformities or retardation or failing to take the proper precautions to determine whether the child might have a problem.

In future years, you will see the mentally retarded and people with down syndrome become a much smaller percentage of the population as people continue to choose what children to have based on the pride and joy the children will provide to the parents themselves. We live in an era when children are treated like ornaments or play things for their parents.
Children who will require extra expenses or attention paid, beyond the neglectful eye that career focused parents are trying to shine on them, will not be introduced into a world that is best able to enable them then ever before.


Blogger James Young said...

This is actually a "wrongful life" lawsuit. When I was in law school (20-17 years ago), this was an outrageous hypothetical. Now it's the inevitable consequence of Roe.

10:11 PM

Anonymous The Voice Of NAW said...

Sure if my parents had aborted Me they would not have had to spend 6 months separated from each other when I was 5, flying back and forth, while the wonderful doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital were treating me. Sure they would not have had to worry about me every day when I was younger. They would not have had to take me to get a pacemaker when I was 11. They would not have had to watch me with tubes hanging out of my chest so the fluid around my heart would not kill me. They would not have to watch me get sticked with countless needles for IV's and Blood work. They would not have to worry about the mounting medical bills that kept me alive either. Yet then they also would not have seen me become the man I am today. They would not have gotten to watch me perform in plays. They would not have been able to watch me Graduate High School. They would not get to see me work my first job, and buy my first place. They would not be able to help me find a way to live through the countless struggles. They would not have seen me get baptized. Yes, I thank God every day that not only did my parents NOT abort me but that Medical Scientists decided that practicing on animals was a GREAT idea. (*Cough* PETA) I have lived 15 years past when I was supposed to thanks to medical animal testing and the strength of my Family and Friends. Sure not every day is wonderful. Yet at least I can say that I lived them. Instead of not ever getting the chance to.

1:32 AM

Blogger Lighthorse Harry said...

thanks james young...i meant wrongful birth case, but wrongful death seems so much more natural to write, that i mis-typed.

9:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said... well as added uneccesary punctuation throughout posting.

6:23 PM


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