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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Here we go again...

Read this Mike Shear piece from Thursday's WaPo. Then read it again. Take momentary solace in the fact that Mike Shear really lays out the case against Kaine well. Sure, he takes the eyebrow down a 'notch. But The House GOP is starting to act like a teenager with low-self esteem, just repeating the same abusive relationship all over again.

So? How do we break the cycle of abuse? What do we do to get ourselves out from behind the 8 ball?


Blogger GOPHokie said...

We need a new senate leader.
Chinchester aids and ebeds Kaine just like Warner.
Until he stops that, we will continue to get screwed.

9:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is "ebed" even a word?

3:16 PM


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