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Friday, February 10, 2006

State tuition for some illegals

Today's WaPo has the story about Sen. Hanger's amendment which would essentially exclude children of illegals whose parents have paid state taxes (and who are themselves seeking legal residency) to receive in-state tuition.

At first blush, I think I'm in favor of this proposal. Ignoring the legal/illegal question, in-state tuition is meant to benefit those students whose parents have paid state taxes. And so long as the student is seeking legal residency, I think in-state tuition is appropriate. Otherwise, aren't we punishing children "for the sins of their father"? Should a student who graduated from a Virginia high school, is seeking legal residency and whose parents pay state taxes receive that benefit?

(Side question: How can you be an illegal immigrant, pay taxes, and have no one notice your illegal status? I just did my taxes and was worried I might get audited for over-deducting my moving expenses)


Blogger w00t said...

Unless I am mistaken, if you are here as an illegal immigrant, it is almost impossible to seek to become a legal resident. Have to check with my immigration lawyer to be sure but I believe that to be correct.

Secondly, I would be interested in knowing where does it say that if you paid taxes in VA, the intention therefore is to let you get in-state.

Thirdly, how would you know that the illegal immigrant parent paid ALL his taxes to VA properly, under a proper SSN and not someone else's SSN or to some other state?

9:50 AM

Blogger Virginia Centrist said...

What part of illegal don't you understand?!?!?

10:45 AM


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