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Thursday, February 02, 2006

You like me, you really really like me!

A blogger that I've recently gotten into (if only for his incredibly frustrating trivia) tagged me for this "four things" bit that seems to have become all the vogue amongst the Virginia blogs, so here goes.

Four jobs I've had
1. Server of frozen delicacies
2. Campaign staffer
3. Customer Service Associate (i.e. Bagboy/cart corraler)
4. (Whoops, definitely not NASA researcher, sorry Sarge) Caterer

Four movies I can watch over and over
1. Red Dawn (and not just on a Reaganite level, but also for the absurdity of it all)
2. Harvey
3. Animal House
4. For my purposes, the non-sketch Python films count as one

Four places I've lived
1. An locality that begins with a W in the Shenandoah Valley

Four T.V. shows I love
1. The Simpsons (prior to Season 10)
2. Family Guy
3. The West Wing (but honestly, usually only the campaign episodes)
4. Bring back Mister Sterling!....joshing, Futurama

Four places I've vacationed
1. Orlando, Florida
2. Washington, DC
3. Virginia Beach, VA
4. Williamsburg, VA

Four of my favorite dishes
1. General Tso's Chicken, particularly from Brown's Chinesse American in Luray
2. Macaroni and Cheese, but only if its done right
3. Shrimp or Chicken alfredo
4. Crab legs

Four sites I visit daily
1. Bloglines....but I read the best of OMT, SST, and CC from there
2. NLS.....I can't quit you
3. Yahoo! News
4. Facebook *shudder*

Four places I would rather be right now
1. Deep down in some little pocket, screaming to get out.....Charlottesville
2. The Valley
3. The room
4. Peking Pavillion.....they better have eggrolls

Four bloggers I am tagging
1.When I get back


Anonymous The Ghost of Tom Joad said...

Red Dawn...good movie..."Wolverines!"

A little Jennifer Grey trivia...

Name the movie she starred with Patrick Swayze...(easy)

Name the other movie that Jennifer Grey and Charlie Sheen shared the screen...(a little bit more difficult)

8:43 PM

Anonymous saywhat?? said...

Waynesboro, Weyers Cave, Winchester, Woodstock? Those the 4?

8:24 AM

Blogger Wyatt Coleman said...

Wow. Lame. Does my anonymity really keep you up at night?

8:30 AM

Blogger Will Vehrs said...

"... half a billion Chinese ...."

I love Red Dawn, too.

3:30 PM

Anonymous Tugboat Phil said...

The other Gary/Sheen movie was Ferris Beuller's Day Off. I believe they were sitting in a police station.

The best part of Red Dawn was where the Soviets used registration forms to identify the gun owners. At this point, all true NRAers shouted, "I knew it!!!" (count me as one)

3:46 PM

Blogger jujhpkjuhpkjh[pkij said...

Oh, after it became clear in your post on the term pettifogger that you work for a General Assembly member or are a General Assembly member, we all got curious. Based on a couple of things, I think I have an idea of who you are, but I am not going to post wild guesses or badger you. If you wish to reveal yourself, fine; if not, that's fine, too!

8:15 PM

Anonymous saywhat?? said...

Wyatt --

I have no idea who you are and couldn't begin to guess, so no, your anonymity isn't keeping me up at night. If I read your list correctly, you've lived in 4 places in the Valley beginning with "W" -- I was just seeing if there were more than 4 places, so I named the ones I knew. So my comment was to see if there were other places, not an effort to out you.

8:49 AM


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