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Monday, December 05, 2005

Generation Why

It had all the ups and downs of any contested convention. Competing tickets, shifting delegations, rogue delegates, late night strategy sessions, preemptive conversations about the future, last-minute defferals, and hung-over delegates. And yet somehow, I find it hard to believe that, as delegates stumbled out of the Richmond Coloseium in 1993, that they were plagued the entire drive back home with thoughts of "What was the point?" These thoughts are exactly what filled my head as I left the Homestead in the wee hours of Sunday morning after witnessing the 2005 Annual Convention of the College Republican Federation of Virginia.

A word: This article is not meant to indict the College Republican movement, nor individual members. For all their faults and foibiles (which any organization is bound to have), College Republican chapters serve a vital function on college campus, bringing together like-minded students during a vital stage in their personal development and providing a forum for our issues in what is a very unique situation, a society in unto itself, college life. Rather, I seek to explore the CRFV, and why perhaps its not accomplishing what some may think.

Allow me to set the stage for you. From all reports, Friday's meeting was the essence of what would unfold over the weekend. It had been discovered for the first time that conventions have been conducted outside of the constitution for the past several years. That is, the traditional Friday evening approval of the Rules and Credentials Committee reports by the executive board is in clear violation of Robert's Rules of Order. How fitting that an organization that sees itself as mature, seperate from the senior party, ready to take on the left, cannot even conduct its business in a manner fair to all delegates. Also fitting was that few actually cared. While one faction had been counting on this, the other barely noticed what had happened. A brief interlude occured before the real magic of the evening: the hospitality suites.

The suites for the two tickets, those of TJ Maloney and Andrew Lamar, were a study in opposites but that both show the schizophrenic nature of the College Republican Federation of Virginia. Mr. Maloney's was by far more subdued, although alcohol was served. There were discussions of weighty issues, but also of light matters between friends, a scene not unlike that which was unfolding in the suites above. Certainly they did not have security called on them thrice, but then again, they weren't next to sleeping senior citizens, a fault of the hotel. The ticket is to be comended for holding its candidates to a no drinking pledge, which they at least gave the appearance of adhering to. And yet, up an elevator, a much different scene was unfolding. Hip hop music spilled out of the door to the Lamar suite. Inebriated souls lined the bed, and the the alcohol seemed to consist of much more liquor. And yet, an amusing scene. While others schmoozed and flirted, a brave soul from Patrick Henry College, who was running for office, stood there in the middle. She had a smile on her face the entire time. This was certainly not her scene, and yet she remained. If you need a reminder of what PHC is all about, check out the article that was recently featured about the school. Is she to be comended for attempting to keep a semblance of professionalism, or condemned for consorting with depraved company?

I hesitate to do such, but the actions of one delegation stood apart, that of Mary Washington. It seemed most of them were there to support the run of their peer, Mr. Lamar. Yet their haughty words and appearance belied what may be a fundamental problem with the organization: a preemptive demand for importance and individuality. Perhaps I am merely wistful for another time, but it seems to me that things just worked better when there was a certain subservience to the cause. We stood for liberty, but we did it with class. We didn't stoop to the level of modern culture because we stood for more, timeless values. In a way the traditional red, white, and blue tie of a young Reganite defined who he was, defying popular convention to show that he believed liberty could flourish without breeding a libertine society. We worked within the movement, taking lowly positions not to further ourselves but the cause. Not even a generation ago college students stood with George Allen in our own revolution. In return we earned the respect of the party, rather than creating for ourselves. And somehow the spark seems gone. Too much focus on building power within an organization with little power due to this very reason. Its a sick cycle. Youth embarass themselves before the party elders, leading to decreased support. The CRFV, despite moving its convention to the Advance, stood apart. Although I saw some intrepid CRS from the Tech and Virginia delegations (by far the superior chapters of the state), it seemed that little interaction was occuring between the Youth and Senior wings of the party. Vapid platforms about how to communicate inactivity between chapters replaced serious discussion about how youth can play a vital role in revitalizing the party, a topic which I'm sure Kate Obenshain Griffin, a perfect example of the old model would be more than willing to discuss. And so it was on Friday night. Tickets worked late into the night on how the could win control of an organization without meaning.

So on Saturday the delegations awakened (it was only half-jokingly considered that "they have to wake up in the morning to vote") and the politicking began anew. By this point things seemed to have halted. One candidate was overheard saying that he felt "it was over then." There was some interesting wrangling. It turned out that Lamar was less than clear about his being endorsed by Bob McDonnell, who wrote what was essentially a denial letter. However, this could not stop the shifting that was occuring. There was nearly a credentials challenge, but even that couldn't be worded properly by the faction that was offering it. In the end, Maloney was denied his coveted spot. But I would say this is not the end of things for him.

One insider was quoted as saying that the organization would be just as well off with either candidate in power. The problem is, would the party be? At the end of the day, the CRFV just doesn't have the resources to provide a unified front across the state. The real action goes down on college campuses, not in rented rooms piddling over how much webspace should be bought with the CRFV's piddling dollars. Its hard enough to get individual chapters to carry through with their promises; why have another BS organization competing?

Certainly there are benefits to a statewide organization. Students can learn the basics of convention politics and earn some degree of leadership experience. But at the end of the day what is needed for the youth movement is clear focus and direction. And how can having an organization that essentially bestows titles upon other members in exchange for coming to a couple of meetings in which the major topics of discussion are the next convention and a website (which frankly is the least that the CRFV needs) help with this? I hope, I HOPE that a miracle can occur and somehow College Republicans can govern themselves. But until then, I hold that Virginia would be far better off with a Youth Outreach Director. Don't abolish the indvidual chapters, not in any sense. But please, give the responsibility to someone who really cares about this party, not themselves.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I happend to know Andrew Lamar, and I find your assessment to be completely off.

First of all, TJ's delegation were not adhering to the no drinking pledge...saw that with my own two eyes on Saturday.

Secondly, Andrew is one of the most dedicated College Republicans I've ever met. He completely turned around a floundering, useless chapter at Mary Washington, making it into one of the most active and accomplished chapters in the state (especially considering how small a school Mary Washington is, with enrollment at just under 4,000). He is exactly the person the CRFV needs to pull things together.

Lastly, I think you underestimate the value of the CRFV and of College Republicans in general. In many places, they were the only volunteers that came out for this election. The Mary Washington CR's made thousands of phone calls for the Kilgore campaign and knocked on countless doors, while many adult members of the local committees conveniently stayed home. Yes, their behavior was over the top in some instances (not just MW, but most all of the CR chapters present), but I think they do deserve more respect than this post gives them.

10:03 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting article: I totally agree with your assessment about the state of our Va chapter of the CR's. While I was in college the CR's did so little I did not even bother to join. They seemed very out of place for the most part last weekend. Most of the delegates seemed to be their to only support their candidates. They appeared to have little knowldge of other state issues and they appeared to care less about what else was going on. Yes, there are a few exceptions. I personally know several CR's who were dedicated to the last campaign cycle but they are few and far between. I saw a few of the more astute CR's mingling with some of the other delegates but this was definitely the exception and not the rule.

All of the above being said, I really like the idea of a youth outreach director. The director could work hand in hand with the CRs. The overall article on "Generation Why" was timely and well stated.

10:48 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I consider it highly inappropriate for elected officials to "endorse" CR candidates or for CR candidates to assert or imply that they have received such endorsements. What possible good can come of that?

10:54 AM

Blogger Sam McCord said...


I'm in agreement that the CRs stood apart from the rest of the Advance on Satudray, but I thought they integrated fairly well on Friday night. I had no clue how many schools were there but Iknow I met College Republicans from all over, including Mary Washington, Longwood, Tech, UVA, CNU, JMU. I saw them in Davis, Gilmore, Bolling suites.

I've no clue what your problem with the University of Mary Washington CRs would lie. I've seen plenty of them out at RPV events before (in fact I met several at last year's Advance) and I think it's perfectly reasonable for them to be there to support their candidate. If we had a contest for RPV chair I imagine that you'd see a higher than average number of delegates from their respective home committees, including a fair number of folks who may not know State Central from State College, PA.

As far as your conclusions in re: a youth outreach director, I think you misunderestimate the importance of learning to politik, and the training field this gives the youngsters. If RPV ever had the money, or the talent pool, to put someone on as a full time youth outreach coordinator in the way campaigns did (at least Kilgore and Bolling did both before and after the '05 primary)would be a good idea, but it shouldn't take the place of a state federation.

11:09 AM

Blogger Shaun Kenney said...

Wyatt, I supported Andrew Lamar at UMW with endorsements and monetary contributions, for a number of good reasons.

He brought back that CR club at Mary Washington. True, he didn't do it alone (who does?), but that certainly requires a degree of leadership. The UMWCRs have been hardcore volunteers in the area, both for our local and state candidates (and especially during the 2004 elections). They have held fundraisers, dropped lit, phone banked, basically anything we asked them to do.

I understand entirely lamenting a loss of a candidate one supports, but I sincerely hope you take the same enthusiasm and help Andrew build that network of volunteers and future leaders in Virginia.

Just some thoughts!

11:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to support effective conservative student groups, they'd do well to contact the Leadership Institute's Campus Leadership Program or the Collegiate Network.

As one who has started a number of pro-life clubs around the state through Virginia Collegians for Life as well as a conservative publication at William & Mary I can tell you the help's appreciated. While a lot of students are involved in the CRs, they aren't the self-advancing sorts you write about here. (Incidentally, all the same fights for advancement sans hospitality suites occur in campus chapters as well)

12:50 PM

Blogger Lighthorse Harry said...

For the record, I happen to disagree with some of Wyatt's assessments of the Lamar party. I think Lamar is a great kid who did some amazing work for Bill Bolling. I am absolutely convinced he will make an excellent chairman of the CRFV. Perhaps its own my personal debauchery and lack of moral standing, but I enjoyed Lamar's suite when I stopped by. In fact, I know Tom Davis's sweet was also shut down on Saturday night on numerous occasions. I was there.

And I think Wyatt was just trying to make some controversial statements to make a point.

4:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only reason why the Lamar party was noiser than the Maloney party was because Maloney had less supporters there than Lamra, a lot less. Wait till the vount count leeks.

7:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maloney was the best hope for those College Republicans. I just can not believe that his opponents were the ones counting the ballots and that that was permissible.

8:00 PM

Blogger GOPHokie said...

7:23, the vote count has been leaked. I wasnt even voting in the election and I know the count.
I will not disclose it though, and I hope no one else will on the blogs.

8:16 PM

Blogger Lauren O'Neil said...

Here is my personal testimonial on the College Republicans.

For the past 3 years I, along with my peers, have poured an extensive time commitment into College Republicans so that we may benefit the Republican party and conservative principles.

My chapter alone filled close to 150 72-hour shifts, made ten thousand phone calls, knocked on hundreds of doors, made it to the front lines of Jerry Kilgore's kick off tour rally and GOTV rally, passed out 3,500 flyers at a home football game, ensured that Kilgore signs were all over TV on ESPN's College Gameday broadcast, and we hosted and organized a spot in the VT homecoming parade so Jerry Kilgore and Bill Bolling could attend and shake hands with the crowd. Kate Obenshain Griffin handed me three awards at our convention this past Saturday, for voter registration, absentee ballot submission, and the highest # of 72 hour shifts filled for CR chapters across the state.

The University of Mary Washington was presented an award for the most phone calls made, and James Madison Univeristy CRs were presented the award for the most doors knocked this past election cycle for all CR chapters across the state.

I've also seen College Republicans from ODU, Mary Baldwin, UVA, WM, Hollins, and Virginia Tech together put up Kilgore and Bolling signs in front of homes and businesses for the Buena Vista and Covington labor day parades.

I've seen College Republicans work literally all night to put up Kilgore signs all over Wakefield Virginia in honor of the Ruritan Shad Planking.

I've seen College Republicans, petitions and clipboards in hand, standing at street corners and going door to door so that Jerry Kilgore, Bill Bolling, and Bob McDonnell could get their names on the ballot.

In 2004, the CR state federation organized a campaign trip to the 9th district of Virginia for Congressional candidate Kevin Triplett. UVA, VT, Hampden-Sydney, WM, New River Valley Community College, and ODU are only a few of the College Republicans who woke up early on a Saturday morning to canvass the Southwest part of the state for Triplett. There were scores of College Republicans present for the event.

I also witnessed College Republicans pouring hours and hours of work during the Bush/Cheney campaign. I sent volunteers to Ohio and Pennsylvania where we drove miles and miles and knocked on door after door and made call after call. On campus, we registered voter after voter, and gave students absentee ballot applications.

We held an 8-topic public debate on campus for the 2004 presidential race, and held a 4-topic race in honor of Jerry Kilgore in conjunction with the Young Democrats on campus.

You probably saw a few young freshmen outside of Chairman Lamar's suite listening to R&B - and you notice the fact that we elected our new leaders at the Advance, but I hope this post has added some other illustrations of what we do. It's disheartening that you would call us "meaningless" and assert that we only care about ourselves.

Au contraire, my friend. I hope someday you'll see us at our finest, and its regrettable you saw us at our worst.

9:13 PM

Blogger Wyatt Coleman said...

Lauren, congratulations on your victory. I applaud you for taking the initiative to rebut my claims on the blog, especially under your own alias. I have also contended for quite some time that Virginia Tech is in a tier to itself if you were to rank the chapters. You have truly done some marvelous things there.

I certainly hope that you can bring this same intiative and vision to the CRFV. I want to be proven long. I want to see coordinated campaign efforts between chapters. I want a unified youth front. Hopefully we can come to reconcile the desire to work for the greater good with the desire for respect.

I'll admit I made some rash generalities. But sometimes, there is no mint sweet enough to take away the taste of a bitter dinner. I chose my entree. Maybe I'll let you guys choose dessert.

9:52 PM

Blogger GOPHokie said...

Ms O'Neil, I think what Wyatt is portraying here is what the general public and the rest of the GOP sees the CRs as: a bunch of college students looking for a reason to party.
The CRs need to do a better job of letting every knoe how important they are.
Lots of the people at the Advance were wondering what the CRs do. Thats a problem, and the CRs are the ones who need to address the problem.
Perhaps that can be on the docket for the new leadership at the state level.

9:55 PM

Anonymous AH said...

There were 34 delegate votes total. So 17.01 were needed to win.

It was a 6 point spread in the Chair race.

It was an 8 point spread in the First vice Chair Race.

In the second vice chair race the WRONG person was announced as the winner. Amber Smith actually won. Brian Scott Gunn childishly decided not to step down (a real man of conviction would). The false vote total was 16.23 to 16.74.

The geniuses in the credentials committee FORGOT to count one schools votes. How stupid can you be? (Poor Jenna Lewis did not have a clue what she was doing)

The lower races have not leaked yet; Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary. From what I understand though these races were not even close, to be frank they were landslides.

In the Treasurer race Matt Pinsker backed down because his lies had caught up with him.

11:45 PM

Blogger Bob Lawson said...

The Maloney No drinking pledge was ONLY for Friday night. For those over 21 such as myself we were allowed to do as we wish after the convention.

11:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a few thoughts…

•As far as the CRFV is concerned, they basically exist to foster pettiness, dirty politicking that means absolutely nothing in the long run, and shameless self promotion (there are of course exceptions, such as Bob and Jen who were elected to the board this past weekend)

•Most involved in CRFV leadership are more concerned with advancing themselves than the Republican Party, candidates, or a positive conservative vision for state and nation. There is no coordination from chapter to chapter.

•Certain individuals in the CRFV create phony positions and programs in order to take credit for the work local chapters actually get done. Then they run back to RPV or the campaign and say “Look at what I coordinated this week.”

•A handful in each chapter work hard to advance the party and candidates. The rest sit on their asses cheerleading, waiting to attend sexy events. Then they chant “Hooray Bush!” and “Go Allen!” and act like they made a contribution.

•At one chapter for example, two individuals made 12,000 phone calls. A handful of others made another several thousand. Imagine if the other 600 people submitted as part of the roster had made even a fraction of that.

•Here is a quote from a second vice chair at a southwest Virginia chapter. This individual posted this as an AIM away message on Election Night: “I would just like to say...I told you so! haha i really did call that election though. And no people i'm not pissed, mad, or really upset at all. We got 2 through and i think it'll be a nice balance.” I am speechless.

•I would like to congratulate the CRs who worked hard, gave up their time to help out, and never asked for any recognition. There are many of you out there and you all should be commended. It would be quite refreshing to see that from the CRFV leadership and the majority of CRs around the state.

12:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The CRs are always a great example to me as to why I'm not a Republican. Back-biting, back-stabbing, power-hungry, willing to do anything, just anything, to get their way. No sense of public civility whatsoever (screaming "BABYKILLER! at Kaine when he came to ODU? Nice!). Though all this understandable clambering has big payoffs: there's tons of money and juicy positions out there to fight over.

"I've also seen College Republicans from ODU, Mary Baldwin, UVA, WM, Hollins, and Virginia Tech together put up Kilgore and Bolling signs in front of homes and businesses for the Buena Vista"

Wait: I thought Kilgore decided not to put up any signs there? Oops...

"I've seen College Republicans work literally all night to put up Kilgore signs all over Wakefield Virginia in honor of the Ruritan Shad Planking."

Ah, I remember those guys. Bitter, nasty, and, in the end, really really poor losers (heck, even Kilgore wasn't very gracious in defeat). The Kaine folks worked for several days and nights, and they won, and they deserved to win.

1:49 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, the left... the movement never ceases to fascinate me. Perhaps anon 1:49 needs to go check out some of the anti-Bush websites (DKos, for example) to see some examples of people being truly poor losers.

The "BABYKILLER" bit is in better form than, say, throwing pies at speakers, drenching them in salad dressing, not even permitting them to come to campus, and a host of other things the open-minded left has done.

Finally, I would note that my comment at 12:50 did not preclude effective CR organizations. It merely intended to give notice to effective organizations that were specifically conservative.

2:54 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This post is ridiculous and demonstrates a clear disconnect from the facts... the CRFV HAS taken dramatic strides in the past few years to transform into a meaningful and productive organization... It seems like this would be more appropriate when Tony Adams or Andrew Vehorn were heading the group and just used it to pad their resume and sit on state central... without producing ANY results.

Matt Wells took over and immediately began organizing coordinated campaign trips to targeted races, working hand in hand with RPV to deliver bodies where they were needed. His successor Brian Mazanec only built on this program and raised significant funds to pay for the travel costs of sending well over 150 CRs to PA and OH to help the President while organizing a trip to the help the Triplett effort. This past year Victoria Winn had the CRs churning out more coordinated numbers than ever before... so basically this article descrives the 2001 CRFV, not the 2005 CRFV.

Andrew Lamar is a spectacular leader and that is why he was endorsed by Speaker Howell and Lt. Gov Elect Bill Bolling... he is going to continue the trend of Wells, Mazanec, and Winn and actually produce results while ignoring the BS and grab-ass played in the past.

There will always be crappy CRs and Chapter Chairmen who want to play power games, but overall the state organization has transformed itself into something meaningful and they should be commended for that instead of condemned. Thanfully RPV and the State Central committee have recognized them and praised them as they progressed these past few years, and we all should do the same.

8:22 AM

Blogger Lauren O'Neil said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:43 AM

Blogger Lauren O'Neil said...

Dear Wyatt and Gophokie,

You're right, if the party doesn't understand what we do and why we're a part of our organization, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

I joined College Republicans not for myself-- I joined because of my military background and appreciation for defense efforts, my belief in free markets and personal responsibility, my belief in strict laws and punishment for those who exploit the innocent, and my belief that abortion is unthinkable no matter the excuse.

Perhaps it would be better for us to have a stronger relationship with our local party, so that they can see us in action, and so that we can learn from experienced party members. And perhaps it would be better for us to enjoy the Advance for what it is - go to the seminars, meet Bolling, Gilmore and Davis- and have our convention at a later date. We only see our organization from our end, so we need to hear suggestions from yours so we can improve.

Dear Anonymous,

Yes, the Kilgore campaign did put up signs on businesses and private property at Buena Vista - they decided against putting up signs in the public park area. Sorry for not being clear.

As for the comment on phone calls, chapters are involved in more than phone calls including voter registration, debates and media efforts, and doorknocking. Congratulation to those who made thousands of phone calls, congratulations to those who've made hundreds. Its great to see students involved in a cause greate than their own at such an early age.

10:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Why don't you just plaster a bulls-eye on your back with your righteous self-promotion?

Word on the street is that you slighted several people at the Advance including Lamar to get yourself elected.

What more speaks of the the events that 12:56 speaks of?

Besides, take it from Allen it is much better for other people to promote you then for you to promote yourself.

Let other people come on here and speak of your great accomplishments.


11:14 AM

Blogger GOPHokie said...

What fired you guys up so much.
I never realized how important these CR elections were to you folks.
It is my personal opinion that CRs do a ton of work but the party doesnt usually know about it b/c they aren't working with them or the local party isn't doing anything to work with.
I am sure there are lots of people in CRs doing it only for the name recognition, but there are lots of people in the general party doing that.
I think this post and the comments (assuming most of the comments are from CRs) shows the back-biting and arguements that some are claiming to exist among the CRs. I suggest you folks try to fix that.

11:36 AM

Blogger Lauren O'Neil said...

Dear "Anonymous",

We College Republicans will speak of our accomplishments when they are ignored, such as on this blog. We don't need a thank you, we just ask that in return people don't treat us as "meaningless" after all of our hard work- there is a difference. This is self defense, not self promotion. Clear?

Were you even at the convention? I'd think twice about listening to the "word on the street". If you want to bring change to the College Republicans, try doing it rather than calling our hardworkers "self-promoting" and making up rumors because you're upset about the election results.

You think I'm writing on this blog to promote myself? I'm writing on this blog to defend College Republicans across the Commonwealth of Virginia- that is my cause, and yes, you can put my name to that cause any day!

12:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although I admit there are quite a few things I would criticize about Lauren, she has done wonderful things for not only the Virginia Tech CRs but for the Republican Party. I can understand why she wants to yell from the roof top about the successes she has had with the VT chapter. Her successes were huge as you saw before. I honestly have rarely heard Lauren talk about her accomplishments as the two time Chair of VT CRs. Lauren is always the first to thank everyone for the work they did. It is never look what "I" did with Lauren from my experience, it is always look what "we" did. I am sure Lauren spoke of what the CRs have done to clarify that work, without a doubt, is being done to better the party. I've seen Lauren working to get help for the 72 hour program for Kilgore when even his paid staff (who was supposed to be recruiting help) was doing nothing. She wasn’t working for the recognition because only a few knew how hard she was working; she was doing it for the Party.

And as for Jenna not knowing what she was doing...I would say that is a bit too harsh. We are human. That is the only explanation there is. It is unfortunate, but it happened. Applause should be garnered towards Amber whom I am sure, with something of a smile on her face, took the situation and made the best of it. She will do great things as Executive Director.

Also, from my knowledge, the constitution says that when the convention is over, the one named Second Vice Chair (or any position for that matter) takes their position immediately. Brian had no reason to step down since the constitution made clear what was to happen after the convention. He was rightfully named Second Chair. It does sound like it could be time for an amendment though.

12:46 PM

Blogger Lauren O'Neil said...

You are right on.

Criticize me all you want on this blog - have fun with it!! I have some shortcomings, in fact, I have plenty of them.

However, think twice about criticizing the College Republicans as a whole.

Jenna Lewis, Brian Gunn, Matt Pinsker, Andrew Lamar, TJ Maloney, and my opponent this weekend are just a few examples of dedicated College Republicans whom I personally admire.

College Republicans are vital to the party - all of us. And you can bet I'll have the guts to put my name on that statement.

1:25 PM

Anonymous cnuCR said...

Anon 12:46... you're wrong.

The CRFV Constitution is crystal clear, the winner is the one who recieves the majority of the votes, not the minority- and there is no majoc "oops they announced the wrong winner but now I am locked in and you can't take me ou, haha" clause. Roberts Rules is equally clear: an election cannot stand if it puts the candidate/officer in continual breach of the Constitution or ByLaws as Gunn serving as 2nd Vice would since he failed to meet the constitutional standard of a majority of votes.

But beyond the rules, this comes down to class and Gunn simply doesn't have it. He KNOWS he got LESS VOTES than Amber, yet he acts like a baby and ignorantly waves Roberts Rules around while claiming all kinds of absurd things.

It looks like he may get his way after his temper tantrum, but only because Amber has some class... regardless Gunn is no gentleman and should be turned into the UVA Honor Council for theft, cause that is what this is.

2:33 PM

Anonymous Mary Pauline Jones said...

First I would like to say that people need to stop being immature. The convention is over. People need to stop dwelling on it and move forward.

Second I would like to say that no person from CNU posted the comment above. I find it sad that people need to be so immature as to say they are someone they are not.

2:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was endorsed by former Majority Leader Cranwell. Vote for me.

4:26 PM

Anonymous ah said...

Lauren is incompetent as a leader of the CR's at Tech. With out the help of some members (from what I hear Tim Edson, and Jordan Shaw did most of the work as RNC interns even though they are members of Tech CR club).

There is also a rumor that Lauren O'Neil had a deal with some people that if she pretended to support Lamar then she would intern receive votes from the TJ delegation, only if she would have her members (Tech) support TJ instead of Lamar.

I believe this is some of the "stabbing in the back" people are talking about. It is unacceptable to have this go on, what ever happened to Honor, and Pride in what you stood for, and as long as that voice was heard it did not matter who won only that the discussion took place.

As for Brian Gunn, I understand that he technically won because the mistake (stupidity of Jenna Lewis), but he should step down if he has any future ambitions in the College Republicans. He needs to accept that he lost and move on, allow the hard working Amber to serve as Second Vice chair.

(I thought that governor's race in Washington State taught us something, fight for every vote and never stop. I do recall that the YourCRFV was supposed to stand up for every college republican and make sure each person’s voice was herd. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THAT BRIAN? Every CR spoke and you just ignored what they said, I for one hope there is some way to impeach a person in office. I encourage the current 5 members of the TRUE board to take action.

7:20 PM

Blogger Addison said...

Okay, that's enough. I think everyone has had their say here. I'm not interested in seeing this degenerate any further.

Comments are closed.

9:20 PM


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