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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Davis Wins Advance tug of war.

I don't know if Tom Davis will win the 2008 GOP primary for Senate (because I don't know if there will be one or if he will actually run) but talking to Advance attendees the buzz on the man from Fairfax is deafening.

Now 3 years out from a potential '08 Senate race (Warner retires or Allen becomes President) and 4 years from the '09 Governor's contest the "who's where?" game is not in full effect. But all that being said, Tom Davis' suite was packed wall to wall both nights. Gilmore's was sparsely populated most of the night on Friday, and seemingly cancelled on Saturday. Talking to other volunteers, activists and bloggers it looks like Davis came out on top for the weekend. Of course, Davis' suite was co-hosted by the other members of the VA delegation in attendance, the lovely and Honorable Jo-Ann Davis, and the Homestead's own Congressman Bob Goodlatte.
During a wonderfully intimate Congressional panel on Saturday afternoon they fielded tough and pointed questions from conservatives like John Taylor and Phil Rodokanakis. Clearly, Davis (11) was the the bulls eye. But with the same aplomb that has helped him weather many storms, Davis fired back with a strong message for our party. He seized the high ground by talking about how there are many issues that unite our base with folks outside of the base (moderates, swingables, independents, whatever you want to call them). Davis (1) and Goodlatte stood shoulder to shoulder with their colleague to the North. Goodlatte, whose conservative credentials are above reproach, fired a shot across the bow of the fire-eaters who'd like to think that we're straying too far from the base. The issued the challenge to those who'd criticize to pay attention to the real progress that is being made, to be smart and to be educated about the issues and then to become educators of others. Davis (1), also no "squish", encouraged tolerance from the fire-eaters in the room. I think it took a level of courage to admit that she could not run the type of campaign she runs in the 1st and be victorious in the 11th (or the 10th for that matter) and she did just that. Davis, Goodlatte, and Davis clearly presented a united front at the panel and at the parties. Davis has taken the early high-ground in his battle for higher office, whatever office that may be.


Blogger Chris Porter said...

What's with the man-crush?

10:11 PM

Blogger James Atticus Bowden said...

I am sorry that I had to leave before those panels. Jo Ann is my Congress lady and I'm the vice-chair of her district committee. I'm pleased that she spoke up about the differnces of tens of miles in voters. The 1st Dist isn't the 11th. Amen. Which is why many of us live here in the 1st. I grew up in what was the 10th way back when our Cong. Broyhill lived a few blocks from my (and his kids') High School in Arlington.

I am not sure about Tom Davis being the guy for 08, 09, whenever. He wants to be, that is for sure, as does his wife. I'd just wait a bit for the coronation.

10:48 PM

Blogger Chris Porter said...

I agree. The rahrah can wait for a few years.

Were you running back and forth between the suites with one of those people counters they use at a dining hall?

10:52 PM

Anonymous Chris said...

I'm TORN. I like Gilmore for his fight and think he would be a great senator. But I like Davis, who is my congressman here in Fairfax City. The problem for me is that if Davis leaves, there might be a real chance the Dems pick up the seat, especially if Gerry Connelly, the Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, were to make a run. Naturally, Mrs. State Senator Davis would run. Its a tough situation for me. If Gilmroe runs, the race will be much closer. If Davis runs, suddenly his SAFE congressional district is in play. Decisions . . .decisions.

11:10 PM

Blogger GOPHokie said...

Or not worry about it b/c John Warner wont retire.
I just dont see him doing it.

12:39 AM


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