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Monday, November 28, 2005

McDonnell Certified as Victor; Recount Saga Begins

No surprises today with the State Board of Elections certification of a 323 vote victory by McDonnell. Chad Dotson covers the developments well over at Commonwealth Conservative.

Several SST contributors will be members of the McDonnell legal team that will be helping with the recount. The McDonnell campaign is extremely prepared for this fight and I'm confident that they will do everything necessary to bring home the victory. Let's hope the true victor comes to the fore in this process so we don't have to consider this an illegitimate victory for years to come either way it turns out. Obviously we hope that it's McDonnell and will be doing our darndest to make sure it's so. On the other hand, 323 votes is pretty slim. I wish the whole state had the touch screen computers.

And we're all hoping this doesn't turn into an interminable drama that leaves the whole state wondering if the real winner was elected. This won't be anywhere near as exciting as 2000, and it will be much more behind closed doors and closed to the public then the heavily scrutinized Florida recount was.