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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Governor-elects NoVA Town Hall -- 11/29

Right up front on the Governor-Elect's official website you can see that there are only two more stops in his transportation Town Hall tour. I encourage every Northern Virginian to hustle on over to Manassas Airport at 6:30 (and for all those not living in occupied territory, believe me, that's a mother of a hustle).

While you are there, make sure to ask Mr. Governor-Elect to please do something about this. He can start by not appointing former Fairfax County BOS Chairman Kate Hanely to anything related to transportation planning ever again.

I think it'll be a good show (as long as Todd Rundgren isn't filling in for him).


Blogger Steve said...

In the transportation context, I expected the Todd Rundgren reference to have something to do with one of his songs, either The Road to Utopia ( or Caravan (

I must have listened to that album 500 times in my first year at U.Va.

4:45 PM


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