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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Supreme Court Swinging to the Right on Life?

I'm encouraged by the news that Miers has attended several pro-life banquets in the 80s with Justice Hecht and gave money on at least one occasion to the Texans for Life Coalition. Clearly, she is not a pro-choicer, although the strength of her pro-life convictions are unknown. As Colleen Parro mentions in this article, those events were quite some time ago in addition to Miers's fight to get the ABA's stance on abortion changed from pro-choice to neutral. But all these facts are indicating that if Miers were approved by the Senate, it might swing the balance of the Supreme Court from 6-3 pro-choice court to a court that is 5-4 pro-choice, two of those four being young brand new justices which bodes well indeed. Clarence is still young as well. Perhaps Miers and Roberts are going to be the justices on abortion that Bush promised.

Nevertheless, there is no conclusive evidence as to what Miers believes currently when it comes to abortion. All we have is circumstantial evidence and a substantial amount of speculation. So I'm not counting my chickens yet.


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