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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Prayer on Capitol Hill

I had a great conversation recently with Congressman Randy Forbes in which he was telling me about the prayer meetings he started a little while ago in Room 219 on the Hill for a group he is calling the Congressional Prayer Caucus or something to that effect. The meetings are simply referred to has 219, and the turnout of congressmen to pray together has been outstanding. It continues to grow and take off as 219 groups have begun to pop up all over the country as leaders around the country focus on praying for our nation. It is comforting to know that we have at least some leaders who recognize their dependence on a higher being and come to Him humbly on their knees regularly.

There are also many people who are full-time prayer warriors, if you will, for our nation on Capitol Hill. I met several of these people recently, one of which is Ruth Coz Mizell, widow of the late Congressman Wilmer Mizell of North Carolina. She has spent almost twenty years now of praying in the corridors of power after retiring from chairing many major Republican campaigns for the Senate and the governor's mansion in Texas. She is a fascinating woman who has lived a spectacular life story and I'm glad she's still doing battle in Washington although no longer on the front lines of the grassroots political struggle.


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