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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Hypocritical Republicans?

In the fallout of the accusations that Republicans put out a memo stating their intention to manipulate the Schiavo tragedy for political purposes, it behooves those of us on the right to check our armor and think about these issues on a more introspective level than we have previously chosen to. There are definitely some serious questions about our own consistency with respect to end of life issues. President Bush himself passed a piece of "futility of care" legislation in 1999 that appears to have been responsible for the death of a 5 month old baby recently. Read about the story here. Somewhat disturbing.

Another well-written article on the Schiavo story comes from Ann Coulter, who can often be rather ascerbic. Her piece today though is fascinating.

If you want to read excellent analysis of whether or not the Republican memo about Schiavo is legitimate or a fraud, check out Hindrocket's typically exhaustive research on Powerline.


Blogger Cory Chandler said...

Ms. Coulter is wrong if she thinks no governor has ever stood up to a court ruling he thought was wrong. She's also wrong if she thinks there's no legal requirement that courts' say be the last say. Both were precisely addressed in Cooper v. Aaron, 358 U.S. 1 (1958). The governor of Arkansas, in fact, tried to use the National Guard to prevent integration. Cooper arose, indirectly, from that action.

Of course, Cooper is that "judge made law" again, an antecedent Ms. Coulter would deny--with no effect on its validity as settled law.

12:51 PM


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