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Friday, December 30, 2005

Rolling Stone profiles "Rahmbo"

This is a fairly interesting Rolling Stone piece on Rahm Emanuel. Apparently he's the inspiration for The West Wing's Josh Lyman (I always figured he was more the Sam Seaborn), but many (including this Virginian) see him as the biggest threat to the GOP majority out there today.

"One thing I agree with Newt about," says Emanuel, "is that he knew you had to look and feel like someone voters could see in that leadership role before they'd put you there. We have to generate that feeling. We have to make people believe that if they give us the goddamn keys to the car, we're not going to hit the tree.

I still think Rolling Stone just drops random swear words into their quotes.


Blogger Bwana said...

Sometimes RS seems to do this...but here I think the quote is legit, and it is the sound of an educated man trying to sound tough.

10:53 AM


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