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Thursday, December 22, 2005

It's Official

Mims is in as Chief Deputy Attorney General. According to the press release it is the number two post, and if Bob McDonnell can no longer serve (or resigns early to focus on his campaign for Governor in 2009...just playin, don't start hatin) then Mims would step in as Acting AG. This begs an interesting question as to why Mims, 48, would want this job. I don't think he's yet interested in retiring, and I imagine he'll be taking a stiff pay cut. For now, I'll forgo the '09 speculation and just say he's a great guy who is looking to serve the Commonwealth in a new and larger capacity than he has since 1991 (the year he first made it to the House). Good luck to future former Senator Mims, and thank you for your continued service to the Commonwealth.

Of course, now all of tooconservative's and NLS's posts on the 33rd mean something. This is the first special election that will grab the full attention of the NoVA party players. This is also the first election where it's hard to tell whether it will be a Conservative pickup, a Dem pickup or a Conservative-but-not-quite-as-conservative-as-Ken-Cuccinelli retention.


Anonymous Blackstone said...

Sorry to confuse you with the facts but.....

If the Attorney General leaves office, the General Assembly fills the vacancy if it is in session. If the General Assembly is not in session, the Governor appoints for the balance of the term or until the General Assembly is in session. 24.2-213 Code of VA. The Chief Deputy is "acting Attorney General" only until the vacancy is filled. 2.2-501 Code of VA.

So, if McDonnell were to leave office while the Assembly was not in session, Mims would serve as "acting" for about a nanosecond. If the Assembly were in session....well it takes them over 100 days to agree on a budget....

4:08 PM

Blogger Sam McCord said...

Thanks, Blackstone! And I apologize for not being... well technically everything I said was right. I guess I apologize for not being you. I was just running with what "Landslide"'s press release said, and I do sincerely thank you for shedding more light on the subject.

8:39 PM


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