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Saturday, December 17, 2005

And now for something completely different......

Unlike most political bloggers (but exactly like most personal bloggers), I generally take my inspiration from my own personal thoughts and experiences in the game rather than commenting on the mainstream media. However, some thoughts popped into my head while perusing over the Post (I never have enough time to read the major papers as I would like) and watching ABC World News Tonight (which, I swear to God, just happened to be on. I miss you Bernie Shaw).

1) There was an interesting article on interfaith groups pushing for greater regulation of tobacco products. I think this is quntissential example of the ongoing struggle between the more-libertarian minded fiscal conservatives of the party and the social conservative wing (which by far has the clout). Although our woes are played up to a great deal in the media, I think that for the time being this is a sustainable coalition. However, as more and more shared policy goals are met, these things will start popping up. Stay tuned.....

2) ABC News had two interesting segments that seemed (in my mind, at least, interconnected). First off was a typical piece on the Iraq War and President Bush's problems in its execution, particularly in regards to the recent domestic survelliance scandal. Later in the program was a piece on how people are taxed by localities for rental cars. Naturally this may not mean anything, but could this be a subtle commentary on how appealing Libertarian (big-l intentional) ideology may be, even if its really not sustainable in any practical sense?


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