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Thursday, June 23, 2005


And now that I've given a rationale for our anonymity, I'll reveal a bit about myself. I've recently become a member of the JAG Corps in one of our esteemed branches of the armed services, and I'm heading to Officer Training Camp on Tuesday for six weeks and will not have any internet access. So after this weekend, there will be no more posts from Lighthorse Harry for a while. I'll miss the blogosphere, but I'll miss other things a lot more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can't handle the truth!

5:11 PM

Blogger CR UVa said...

Dang, I wish I had known that. Well, good luck lighthorse. I'll look forward to hearing from you after you finish your training.

5:34 PM

Blogger CR UVa said...

I mean in the previous comment, I wish I had known about that before.

5:35 PM

Anonymous NoVA Scout said...

Hats off to you and thanks for your service. The Republic is always the better for the service of Virginians. Keep up that proud tradition and know that many of us are very proud of every Virginian who takes up the colors.

7:22 PM

Blogger Will Vehrs said...

Keep an open mind about the American gulag, if you get into that ....

Best wishes and thanks for your service.

7:41 PM

Anonymous The Jaded JD said...

Good luck. Here's hoping you get to do more than prosecute DUIs on Fort Lee.

10:14 PM

Blogger Chad said...

Congratulations, LH; we're all very proud of you.

I think you'll enjoy the JAG. It's something I wish that I had done.

I look forward to your return to the blogosphere. You'll probably have a lot to tell us.

Best of luck...

11:27 AM


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