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Friday, February 24, 2006

Smoking Ban defeated

Finally, an article that lays out the real reason to oppose a statewide smoking ban.

From what I've seen, the evidence is that where smoking is banned across a geographic market, there is little to no effect on restaurants or bars, since consumers can't choose between a smoking and non-smoking establishment.
Note the inherent contradiction -- the best that can be said is by eliminating choice, no one suffers disproportionately. Yippee!
I don't smoke, and I'm not a huge fan of that smell on my clothes after a night out. But eliminating that smell by government nannyism? Never. I'll just buy Febreeze.
(For an example of actual economic choice at work, just visit that great Virginia city Charlottesville. There is one bar on the downtown mall which prohibits smoking, and people who really don't like smoke go there. Problem solved.)


Blogger Troy said...

which bar in Charlottesville has no smoking?

11:42 PM

Blogger Nathan said...

I agree. I completely disagree with all these smoking bans.

Smokers are the new "niggers". (sorry for the use of the word... but I believe it is appropriate here)
These smoking bans remind me of the "White's" and "Black's" water fountains. Furthermore, it reminds me of the times in which black people were forced to get their food from the back of resteraunts (if they were even served at all)

Now, I understand that there is a difference between being born one way and choosing to do something... but the discrimination is similar. Why must I be forced to quit enjoying my time at the bar? Because some people don't like it? Well... like you sid... go somewhere that doesn't allow smoking.

I do not believe the government has a right to tell a business owner how to run his/her business. What's next? Are they going to ban cheese burgers because they're unhealthy for you?

5:39 AM


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