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Monday, October 24, 2005

The Faith of the American Soldier

I had lunch yesterday with Stephen Mansfield, NYT bestselling author of The Faith of George W. Bush, and was very impressed with him. He is an amazing speaker and gets around on the speaking circuit. His perspective on the history of Western Civilization is fascinating. Check out his new book, The Faith of the American Soldier, which I'm sure will be hitting the bestseller lists as well.


Blogger Rachel said...

Mr. Lighthorse, I'm appalled. Stephen Mansfield! Please don't be that kind of conservative.

11:58 AM

Anonymous Old Zach's DAD said...

Lighthorse Harry: I'm wondering if Stephen Mansfield might be a descendent of, or related to Maj. General Joseph K. F. Mansfield who commanded the Union XII Corp at the Battle of Antietam. I was on the battlefield this past weekend with friends in the Army of the Roanoke and we passed the spot where Gen. Mansfield was mortally wounded on the morning of Sept. 17, 1862, while trying to position his "green" regiments in the East Woods for an attack through the "Cornfield." I look forward to reading Mr. Mansfield's new book.

1:07 PM


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