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Sunday, October 23, 2005

More of Tom Coburn, Less of Ted Stevens

If you heard the speech given by Ted Stevens in defense of the Bridge to Nowhere on the Senate floor on Thursday, you were probably ashamed as I was that he is a member of our august party. A man in all sincerity claiming that he will resign if $230 million taxpayer dollars earmarked for a bridge to an island with 50 inhabitants, who already have a serviceable ferry and could each be bought a private Lear jet with that same pricetag, were directed toward fixing the bridges over Lake Ponchartrain as suggested by Senator Tom Coburn.

These establishment Republicans who are wed more to their political interests and reelection than any sort of political philosophy or belief in justice or heaven forbid trying to use the taxpayers' money in responsible ways are tiresome to me...

Thank you Tom Coburn for standing up for something.

I am also proud of George Allen for voting for the Coburn Amendment: here is the roll call at the bottom of the editorial.


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