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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Roberts the Inevitable

This is about what everyone was expecting. Three Democrats crossed party lines to vote for Roberts nomination.

Powerline is right that the fact that a majority of the Democrats voted against an eminently qualified nominee supported by major liberal media outlets such as the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times sets a precedent which will be remembered for a long time. It's something we should certainly remember the next time we have a Democratic President in the White House and he nominates a qualifed but liberal judge (and we are certain he will do the latter without wavering).


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Anonymous Eric Poole said...

Ummm, did I miss where we actually know that Roberts is qualified? I think the no vote is more to stop presidents in the future from nominating candidates and then not releasing sufficient information for them to be fully debated.

4:50 PM

Blogger common sense center said...

Don't you need to know something about a nominee before you vote for them?

Roberts is brilliant! 100%. His testamony was 100% brilliantly evasive.

This guy is going to guide the future of the judiciary for the next 50 years. What we know about him is miniscule. He wouldn't answer direct questions and the White House has held on to thousands of documents relating to him.

The little we do know, however should disqualify him: he's against civil rights, against women in the workplace, against the rights of veterans, against privacy, and against choice.

1:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Conservatives are outraged with the President's pick today, John, they have been for weeks!"

9:17 AM

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