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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Good Night and Good Luck

Like Old Zach wrote earlier, we are finally closing this thing down. It's been a good run that's provided a lot of enjoyment and many new relationships for us on the blog. I hope we have been a source of enjoyment or edification for some, heartache for certain others and a source of information for more. It's amazing to see how much the Virginia blogosphere has developed over the last 16 months that we have been in it. It's been exciting to be among those on the cutting edge of this media frontier.

Upon much discussion and debate among our members, we have decided to shut it down. We started this to contribute to the discussion and debate ongoing during the Republican primary races and then promote the election of those candidates. Last fall's election wasn't quite as successful as we had wished, but the election of two statewide Republican candidates was an improvement, and McDonnell pulling out the recount allowed us all to breathe a sigh of relief.
Old Zach has addressed some of the numerous issues facing the Republican Party in Virginia and nationally in his last few posts, and I echo his sentiments that we have many challenges facing us that we will take delicate and painstaking

I personally no longer have the time to make this blog a priority. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to make decisions as to where our time is most needed and most valuable. I no longer believe my time is most valuable spent in blogging on Virginia politics. It may once again become so, but this is not the time. And I have no desire to get caught up in the inward looking discussion of the blogosphere that exists right now.

As I graduate from UVA Law School this May, go active with the Air Force JAG Corps, and get married to a spectacular young woman, I have to make prioritization changes so that I fulfill my obligations and duties in the things that really matter in an honorable manner. You will soon see me involved in Virginia politics once again, but it probably won't be on a blog.

I wish you all good luck and I hope all of you keep involved in Virginia politics, making this state I love so much a better place to live.

Addison Adds:
I obviously tapped out a few months earlier that Zach and LH, but it was for the same reasons. I enjoyed the opportunity to articulate my viewpoints, and I think that it has made me a better advocate in my off-line incarnation.

Thanks for reading.


This will be my final post. Effective today, Sic Semper Tyrannis will be closing up shop for good.

It is really hard to say goodbye to the blogosphere. I feel like this community of Virginia bloggers has become part of who I am over the past year and a half, but I am now prepared to walk away. Of course, I’ll continue to read blogs because I’m addicted to Virginia politics, but it will be different to not be a contributor to the debate

Before we shut out the lights here at SST, I wanted to leave our readers with some things to think about. That has been the primary purpose of my series of posts this past week, to get you thinking. I hope that the issues I have raised will continue to be discussed throughout the blogosphere and the Republican Party for a long time to come. My purpose has not been to unfairly attack any individuals or to run down my own Party, though I have tried to be critical.

Throughout the time I have been blogging, my focus has always been on helping Republicans win in Virginia. I don’t think that should come as a surprise to anyone. I am a Republican and I firmly believe that the Republican Party is home to the ideas and values that best serve our nation. I believe that it is the Republican Party whose ideals are most faithful to those of our nation’s founding fathers. Now granted, I don’t always agree with others who share the Republican Party label. I haven’t agreed with everything our President has done, nor do I agree with everything that certain Republicans in Virginia do. However, I have tried to keep things relatively civil and keep the discussion focused on actual issues not personal quarrels.

The hardest part of leaving this blog is knowing that there is so much work left to be done. Each year brings a new election here in Virginia, and new challenges to go with it. I personally look forward to working hard to re-elect Senator Allen and to keep electing capable, qualified, conservative Republicans at all levels of government. However, I feel that my efforts are now best expended in areas other than the blogosphere, and I intended to pursue them with equal vigor to that which I have given this blog.

Finally, thanks so much to all of those people, both in the blogosphere and outside of it, who have supported this effort. Your encouragement has been appreciated, and I hope that our efforts have been worthy of that. I also want to thank Lighthorse Harry and Addison for a most enjoyable time. I look eagerly forward to the next stage.

Old Zach

P.S. Go Hokies!