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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Will Voters Buy the "Culture of Corruption" Argument?

USA Today has a historical look at how the party in power has traditionally fared in Congressional elections surrounded by allegations of corruption and scandal. This cursory examination should provide some measure of hope for Republicans who are worried that even the appearance of impropriety might lead to a reversal of fortune at the ballot box this November.

That said, my comments below remain true. It is not just the congressional scandals, but also frustration with the White House, its agenda, and its conduct of the War on Terror that will be determinative this fall. Voters know that they won't have any more chances to vote for President Bush specifically, but this years Congressional elections can absolutely be seen as a referendum on the President (unlike last year's elections which had very little to do with the President).

While claims of corruption may not be enough in and of themselves to oust the GOP from power, the "tin ear" effect that seems to be pervading Republican leadership may very well prove devastating come November. But there is still time to reverse it.


Blogger Shaun Kenney said...

It's old hat. Congress is always going to be corrupt no matter what party is in power (so goes the conventional wisdom).

The Dems just look whiny. They want 1994 back, but they just don't have the road map to get them there. No plan, no vision, and no alternative.

Thank God they are worse off than the GOP! We have the opposite problem (too many plans, too many visions, too many alternatives, etc.)

4:51 PM

Anonymous goodwin said...

I think the Dems have the problem of too many plans & visions. But a roadmap requires a cartographer. The '94 guys had Newt. Do the Dems have their Gingrich in "Rahmbo?" Long answer yes with a maybe... short answer no with a but. He said in a Rolling Stone interview I linked to late last year that he's trying to build a Democratic agenda to make the voters think that they are responsible enough to be given the keys to the car- but he's not going to be able to do that by November '06 unless he steps out and takes control of the Democratic message. Because the Dems have one problem with the MSM, and that's the non-stop meme of the out of touch and befuddled Democrat. Even would-be liberal lions like Barack Obama are basked in glowing praise in Time feature articles through thusly tinted glass.

7:30 PM


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