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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tourney Time!

I am going to be worthless for the remainder of the next two days as I prepare to get college basketball overload.

For the record, Chad Dotson had better prepare to hate Duke a little more, because they are going to win the whole she-bang.

Other than Duke, I'll also be rooting for the only Virginia school in the field, the George Mason Patriots, and also for my parents' alma maters, Florida and Davidson.

Let's Get it On!


Anonymous Chad said...

I am prepared indeed.

11:07 PM

Blogger great state said...

Duke's effort last night wasn't champion material. Obviously they didn't need it, but they better have some one besides JJ and Shelden Williams step up if they are going to move deep into the tourney.

11:38 AM

Anonymous Tugboat Phil said...

Is it just because I'm an old f*rt now, or has anyone else noticed. The uniforms that are being worn by men today, are very similar to the skirt and blouse that women basketball players wore in the 50s? I saw bench warmers on camera yesterday that had the hem of their "shorts" covering their shins. Talk about the feminization of the American male. And they think they're being macho is the sad part.

11:17 AM


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