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Monday, March 13, 2006

Tennessean Dreamin'

Nashville's newspaper, The Tennessean, has a pretty hilarious article making the case that Bill Frist should be the front-runner for the '08 GOP Presidential nomination based on the votes of his fellow Tennesseans at the SRLC this weekend.

Not only is it silly to put too much stock in a poll taken two years out, but the Tennesean goes on to make some absurd assumptions about the rest of the field. For example, the article says that McCain and Allen "took themselves out of contention." While McCain did certainly undercut the legitimacy of the poll by asking his supporters to write-in President Bush, he remains very much the likely-front runner in terms of organization and media coverage. Likewise, while it was strange for Allen to proclaim he didn't care about the result, he still placed third in the poll and beat out Romney as the 2nd choice of the home-state lovin' Frist voters.

The article also states that Mitt Romney's supporters "picture him as the alternative to McCain for evangelical Christians." While the Mormons might like to portray themselves as part of this coalition, you can bet that Romney is the LAST person that many evangelicals want at the top of the ticket.

The article is nice spin for Bill Frist, but political observers outside of Tennessee know the truth. The good Doctor's star has faded badly since taking over as Majority Leader. Getting Roberts and Alito confirmed is good for him, but I doubt his efforts will be enough to keep him much in the public eye after he leaves his Senate seat next January.


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