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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Search and Rescue Op for Harris Miller Called Off

Thanks to Waldo for unearthing the apparently secret Harris Miller campaign website for me. Miller has announced his campaign team and it appears to be a rather seasoned one. It will be interesting to see who Jim Webb brings on board, and whether they are Democratic operatives or not.

As far as Miller's website goes, its pretty good. The intro page is pretty blah with just some long boring letter and not really much graphically. I like that he has a banner available for posting on your website and that he has a schedule available so you can know where to find him. It'd be nice if George Allen had the same thing on his campaign site.


Anonymous goodwin said...

At the local and Delegate level putting the candidate's schedule online is a good way to help your opponent match your every move. I guess a statewide federal candidate bring too much "hey hey hey" with him wherever he goes, and the marginal effect of being the only guy at the Whatever-berry festival is significantly reduced.

6:13 PM


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