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Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Real Story in Iraq

Mark Alexander over at has an extensive article about Iraq today and what precisely is going on over there. Its very long, but it is well worth it to read it so that you can help perpetrate the truth about Operation Iraqi Freedom and the War on Terror. Particularly helpful is the link to the Heritage Foundation's memo, "Dispelling Myths About Iraq." Read it.

On Thursday, I said the following:
Unfortunately the media has fallen victim to conflating success in Iraq with President Bush's success. Achieving victory in Iraq should not be a Republican or Democratic issue. We can accept the fact that the media, by and large comprised of liberals who have never supported this President, do not want him to succeed. But by manipulating the coverage of the Iraq War by minimizing positive coverage, they are instead harming our military and emboldening our enemies.
Mr. Alexander expresses similar sentiments thusly:
Despite enormous progress in our tactical and strategic operations to seed democracy in a region that has known only tyranny for its entire history, the Democrats and their Leftmedia have politicized these operations for one stupefyingly inane purpose: To undermine support for the Bush administration, and thus, Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections. . . . Idiocy of this sort undermines not only the safety of American military personnel abroad, but also that of our civilians here at home.
It is good to see that the real message is finally spreading.


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