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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Larry Sabato: Matchmaker

The legend of UVA's Larry Sabato continues to grow thanks to this Washington Times item today about Kate Obenshain Griffin's speech at UVA tonight. While Sabato says he won't be able to attend, he sort of takes credit for getting Phil Griffin and Kate Obenshain together in his Campaigns and Elections seminar.

The item also publicizes the efforts of the organization that is hosting tonight's event, the Network of Enlightened Women (NeW). The conservative women's organization, founded at UVA in 2004, has now expanded to a number of other campuses across the nation. Says NeW founder Karin Agness:
I think NeW is appealing because it provides an opportunity for conservative women to explore ideas with like-minded women and build friendships at the same time.
It is great to see this type of grassroots effort finding success at our college campuses and challenging the entrenched orthodoxy of liberal feminism that so many women are faced with when they arrive as Freshmen.

You go girls!


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