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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen

Peggy Noonan has written a very thoughtful column in the Wall Street Journal today regarding the downward trajectory of our modern culture. Noonan begins by talking about her discomfort at the rough treatment she has received from those TSA airport screeners. She wonders if society even cares about a lady's dignity anymore. From there, she expands that idea to encompass a society that, in general, has witnessed a sharp decline in politeness, virtue, and modesty.

Some might question whether it is even possible for ladies and gentlemen to exist in a culture that glorifies tabloidism as much as ours does. I think that it is possible, and I think that such an attitude would be found refreshing and welcomed by many who are frustrated with the shallowness of American excess. I am glad to see Miss Noonan lending her eloquent voice to that cause and agree that if there is any time to affect such a change in our own lives, it is during teh Lenten period of reflection and renewal.


Anonymous The Voice Of NAW said...

I am in complete accord with you and Mrs. Noonan. I too believe that we have had a great loss in dignity and respect. I see it everyday in the job I work in as I am sure many do. I also believe that it is not too late to change back. The problem is that this is not a “Problem” that many seem to care about. They do not think it is a “Problem”. They do not talk about it as exhibited by the lack of responses to this Blog. One major issue with this problem is that you can not make a sweeping gesture to change it. You can not enact laws or change policies to fix it. It must be fixed on a person to person level. You can only fix it yourself through a careful appraisal of your actions and attitudes. As the advent of lent is a chance for introspection mayhaps we could all use a bit. Take the time to think some day about the things you do and say to others. Think to yourself the next time you are in a line, Is this really taking so much time. Do I need to make my discontent known to everyone around me? Is this person really being mean to me or are they just having a rough day? Could this person need a hand? I completely agree with Mrs. Noonan that the problem is a cultural thing and it is in line with our culture. That is why it can only change with us. That is why we must be the institute of change. Because our society will not up us change back. Lastly I agree with Mrs. Noonan that we are “Embarrassing the Angels.” I for one intend to stop being an embarrassment!

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