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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Gubernatorial Approval Ratings

Survey USA released their latest poll of Gubernatorial Approval ratings yesterday, and Virginia Governor Tim Kaine should be feeling pretty good with 53% approval as compared to 33% disaproval. That puts Kaine right about in the middle of the pack among his colleagues.

The highest approval rating goes to North Dakota Republican John Hoeven, while the lowest goes to a fellow Republican, Ohio's Bob Taft, with 17% approval. Another interesting poll number is that of GOP "Golden Boy" Mitt Romney, who comes in with a meager 42% approval, as opposed to 52% disapproval.

That's what I call underwhelming.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about Huckabee with his 57/38 split? (If we're talkin '08'ers)

6:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm thinking 53% for a relatively new Governor coming off a previous governor of his same party with 76% approval, after an election where he got about 53%, is a really bad number.

It signifies that Kaine has not been able to get ANY of the Kilgore supporters on his side.

Most newly elected leaders get a few months where some of the opposition is happy that they didn't turn out as bad as they thought. Not Kaine. We are all quite unhappy with how he started out.

11:11 PM


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