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Monday, March 13, 2006

The Fatigue Factor

Back on March 1st I wrote at length about the problems I am seeing in the Bush Administration and that concern has been echoed in numerous places in recent weeks. Today the Washington Post weighs in with the idea that Bush's team of advisors, many of whom have been with him since he first decided to run for President, are simply burned out.

Having worked in Washington myself, I'm pretty willing to by that argument. I have seen colleagues get burned out on the D.C. grind within a matter of months on Capitol Hill, I can only image what the President's staff is going through, particularly after such a greuling re-election battle. I was over D.C after a year and a half, so I am personally impressed that so many of Bush's inner circle has stuck around for five-plus years.

Perhaps it is time for some new blood to be infused into this Administration.


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