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Friday, March 24, 2006


I am still trying to recover from Duke's disappointing loss to LSU last night. I am upset that Duke lost, of course, but I am even more upset for J. J. Redick. J.J. has had one of the greatest careers in ACC history, despite facing some of the worst abuse of any player in league history. He has worked hard to make himself into one of the ACC's best and most reliable scorers and I felt he deserved to go out as a National Champion.

Redick has nothing to be ashamed of. According to, Redick leaves as one of the most decorated players in Duke history. Back-to-back National Player of the Year, back-to-back ACC Tournament MVP, leading NCAA career three-point shooter, top scorer in ACC history, and on and on. Unfortunately, J.J. never performed that well in the NCAA Tournament. It is unfortunate that the great career of such a good Virginia-bred kid and stellar basketball player had to end on such a down note. Still, I remain proud of J.J. and I look eagerly forward to what his future holds.

Thanks for the memories, J.J., and good luck in the NBA!


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