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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Allen on the Trail

For heaven's sakes, you can't swing a cat these days without hitting an article about our great U.S. Senator George Allen.

For example, the RTD has devotedly covered Senator Allen's trip to Iowa this weekend where he spread the gospel of Jeffersonian Conservative values that have been the mark of his success in our Commonwealth. They've also covered the Senator's travels here and here this week.

Next we have Senator Allen's fellow UVA Alum Rich Lowry reporting over at the National Review on the Romney v. Allen Battle Royale that is shaping up for 2008. Lowry characterizes the contest as a race for the title of "the conservative who will try to stand athwart the sometimes unorthodox, party-defying McCain for the nomination." He also notes that "Romney vs. Allen could well become a classic of intra-Republican conflict, featuring two equally formidable politicians jockeying to occupy nearly identical ideological ground."

And here's what Lowry has to say about Allen specifically:
The Virginia senator is as affable a politician as exists in America. The son and namesake of the famous football coach, Allen is such a perfect representative of football-obsessed, NASCAR-loving Red State America — down to the cowboy boots and the spit cup — that you couldn't create a better specimen in the laboratory. Allen's natural political skills and his down-the-line conservatism have fueled the strongly favorable insider buzz about his candidacy.
That is some pretty nice publicity, but as Lowry points out, Allen has a potentially bruising reelection fight to worry about first.

Then there is the Republican candidate's ultimate badge of honor, being attacked in the New York Times Editorial page.

Finally, there's this silly column from US News reviewing the happenings at SLRC. You'll have to read this one for yourself:

Sen. George Allen of Virginia went after the far-right vote with gusto. He said there was "no substitute for victory" in Iraq. Certainly he was thinking about some sort of political victory since the military operations against the insurgents continue to sink into a quagmire. Those jingoistic words drew an ovation, but Allen is clearly on the fringe with his appeal.

Wow, Senator Allen is sooooo on "the fringe"by calling for victory in Iraq. What is he thinking?


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