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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

VA's position in Majority Leader Race

The Hill has a daily tally of the Members of Congress who have publicly declared their support for one of the three candidates for Majority Leader. According to that poll, only four of Virginia's eight GOP congressmen have publicly declared who they are supporting.

Roy Blunt has the support of Rep. Jo Ann Davis, Rep. Tom Davis, and Rep. Bob Goodlatte. John Shadegg has the support of Rep. Frank Wolf. John Boehner does not have any publicly declared support from the VA delegation.

The undeclared Representatives are Eric Cantor, Virgil Goode, Thelma Drake, and Randy Forbes. Seeing as how Cantor got his current position in leadership from Roy Blunt, it is probably safe to believe that Cantor will vote for Blunt. Perhaps we can convince the others to support Shadegg.


Blogger Wyatt Coleman said...

Wow, I thought Virginia was getting a little more liberal, but electing one of the greats of New Journalism?

Can I stand assured you mean Frank Wolf, the enemy of those otherwise upstanding citizens with an interest in turning this place into Vegas on the James?

11:53 AM

Blogger Old Zach said...

that must have been some sort of Fruedian slip, I was reading Frank Wolf, and I typed Tom Wolfe

12:01 PM


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