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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Swanny Clears a Path

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review is reporting that PA Lt. Gov. Bill Scranton is stepping aside in his bid for the GOP nomination for Governor in order to present a united party behind presumed nominee and Pro Football Hall of Famer Lynn Swann.

Everything I have seen and heard says that Swann will give Gov. Ed Rendell a run for his money, and Swann is certainly not known for getting into something he doesn't intend to win. However, it will be interesting to see how the rigors of a campaign affect a political novice like Swann.

It certainly won't hurt that the glory years of the Pittsburgh Steelers, of which Swann was a part, were recalled by this year's Super Bowl Champs. Well, that is unless those bitter Philiadelphia Eagles fans all vote for Rendell out of spite.


Anonymous The Voice Of NAW said...

Knowing The Eagles fans it is entirely possible. They did Boo Santa Claus after all.

12:14 PM


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