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Friday, February 10, 2006

Support the Danes

As one of the foremost political commentators on the blogosphere today, it is no surprise that one of my personal favs, Michelle Malkin, is all over the controversy surrounding a series of Danish cartoons depicting the Islamic prophet Muhammed.

If you are not familiar with the controversy or have only heard bits and pieces of what it is all about, I encourage you to read Michelle's site thoroughly for the full scoop and many, many helpful links. If you just want to see quickly what all the fuss is about, you can see the 12 cartoons here.

The reaction to this so-called controversy is out of control. There is nothing about these cartoons that justifies retaliation against the people of Denmark or their government. In fact there is much that we Americans can love about the Danes. To quote my father, "Much like the Dutch, they are a liberal nation in the classic tradition of English liberalism of Adam Smith, Edmund Burke et als. Like the Dutch, they resisted the Nazi occupation during WWII in numerous ways."

My dad is a pretty smart guy, and I agree that we should support the Danes for having the courage to invite a healthy debate on the freedom of speech and the dangerous role of certain radical sects of the Islamic faith in the world today. Michelle Malkin agrees and, along with some other bloggers, has arranged a BUY DANISH campaign to voice our eceonomic support for the Danish people. One can also visit this Support Denmark site.

Simply put, any villianization of the Danes as insensitive bigots or some other such nonsense is both unwarranted and serves only to inflame, not to resolve. Symbols of Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and other religions are constantly reproduced in various ways throughout popular culture that might be interpreted as offensive to many of those religions' adherents. Yet, you don't see Christians, Jews, or Buddhists rioting in the streets and calling for the heads of those responsible when it happens. To accept such a reaction by some groups of Muslims as reasonable is to encourage similar responses to perceived "offenses" in the future.

That is unacceptable cowardice.


Blogger Virginia Centrist said...

Yeah...this basically confirms what everyone had suspected all along:

It's not just the extremist muslims that are crazy. A small (but significant) portion of the so-called "Muslim street" is crazy...

10:33 AM


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