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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Remembering #3

February 18, 2001 is a day race fans will never forget. It is the day we lost Dale Earnhardt.

The life and death of Dale Earnhardt have almost single-handedly made NASCAR the incredible success story that it is today. When Earnhardt went into the wall at Daytona five years ago, NASCAR was more popular than it had ever been and was the fastest growing sport in the country. The sport's growth and popularity have only increased since then.

Earnhardt was both loved and hated by NASCAR fans, but everyone respected his talent and recognized his greatness. His untimely death forever secured Earnharadt's place in the hearts and minds of America's race fans. It is possible that some of Earnhardt's records could be broken, but no one will ever replace Dale Earnhardt.

Today we honor the life of Dale Earnhardt.

Check the Roanoke Times for more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thousands of other people died on February 18th too. What makes Dale Earnhardt so special? I get tired of seeing these wings stickers on cars. Get a grip people.

NASCAR will be the blame for many new injuries and deaths if they don't get rid of the stupid restrictor plate races.

1:21 AM


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