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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Reagan '08: Tanned, Tested and Ready

Courtesy of comes this article floating the idea that the 2008 GOP nomination is going to come down to one question: Who can successfully take up the mantle of Ronald Reagan?

The article notes the difficult task that GOP candidates will face of associating with President Bush's tough stance in the war on terror, while distancing themselves from Bush's big government domestic agenda.

Frankly, I feel that George Allen is the most well-positioned Republican candidate to bridge this gap. However, it will certainly be interesting to see how each of the candidates attempt to walk that line.


Blogger ED Skywalker said...

There is no question that George Allen would be a great Republican candidate in 2008. He may have one problem though, when you see and listen to Allen on TV he can tend to sound a lot like George W. Bush. His nomination and election are going to depend a lot on whether Republicans, and the tweeners are looking for another Bush. If the economy continues to trudge along at a steady clip (hopefully it improves), if it at least continues, and Iraq improves dramatically, Allen is the man. If Iraq isn't going well, the economy is going well, and if the country is pushing Bush out the door, Allen will have a tough time getting the nomination nevertheless a victory. First things first, Allen needs to win VA.

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